True Or Not, Sure All Saman?

I'm thinking how the people now going to pick up their children at school after I read this news. It say doesn't matter inside car got driver or not as long as park at the place are not suppose to park at that place all kana saman. This is because some people wanted to be senang and causing traffic jam and now must kana saman sudah.

I don't know this is a good idea or not but I'm sure is going to cause more parents inconvenient to pick up their children at school. Not only school, Bank, Gadong's wet market, immigration all now also tak senang sudah. Let's see this can last for how long Bruther.     

Is common to see car like this at Bandar

End Holiday, Back To Blog.

Not need to weight I also can feel that I gain some KG again on this CNY holiday. From the first day of CNY everyday I eat durian. Eat until the 5th day I can feel that my body start getting hot already. At night sleep open aircon also feel hot. Visiting people's open house or friends come my house I also offering them eat durian. True true one as I say months ago, this year CNY sure eat Durian gau gau one which I correct.

I guess that is it. No more visit Bai Nian or Open House again. I want to start work and start my blog.
My first job hire taking the chocolate shop of all three outlet in Brunei. See picture above you should know what shop liao la right. Photo are use for update their website. Hopefully you people like it also with the photo.

More picture got to upload during my CNY visiting and wish you all have a wonderful Monday. Happy Work, Happy School and Happy Day.

My 2012 CNY Greeting

And also the new Angry Birds Season " Year of Dragon" are available to download too in iTunes.

Shops Open & Close During CNY

Ok so here are the list of some shops and restaurants are open and close during CNY. If your shop is not in the list you may call me up and I'll update it again.

SIM HUP HUAT- rest 23rd to 25th, open 26th ( all brunch )
Mr. BAKER'S BAKESHOP - rest 23rd and 24th, open 25th
BABU'S KITCHEN - rest 23rd, open 24th ( all brunch )

CHEEZBOX CAFE - rest 23rd, open 24th
COUNTRYPATCH CAFE - rest 23rd, open 24th
GRIPPS CAFE - rest 22nd until 25th, open 26th
LUCKY RESTAURANT - rest 23rd till 27th, open 28th
PHONG MUN RESTAURANT - rest 23rd, open 24th
RED LEFT RESTAURANT - Open 23rd till 26th (additional 30% charge) rest 27th till 04 Fed 
BAN HIONG - rest 21st till 26th, open 27th
SERI KAMAYAN -  rest 21th till 25th, open 26th
THIAM HOCK (curry fish head) - rest start on 20th Jan, open on 3rd Feb
THIEN THIEN (chicken rice) - rest start on 21st Jan, open on 1st Feb 
LEMON GRASS - rest 23rd till 25th, open 26th
TATY'S CAFE - rest 23rd, open 24th
BIG MAMA - rest 23rd, open 24th
CHAMPAKA KITCHEN - rest on 20th onward, open on 30th
CHOP JING CHEW - rest from 23rd till 25th, open 26th (updated)
Bamboo Garden Restaurant -  rest from 23rd till 25th, open 26th


Rozad Salon - rest on 23rd till 29th, open 30th (salon)
Agogo Too Saloon -  rest on 22nd 3pm till 26th, Open on 26th.(salon)
Megacom Enterprise -  rest on 20th till 24th, open 25th (computers & DSLR)
EasyWay - rest on 23rd, open 24th ( all brunch )

Making A Shop Close List For CNY

I want to make a list to put it on in my blog to let you people know which restaurant or shop are closing for during Chinese New Year in Brunei. Just like Hari Raya which Shell Station got open or close. Just to make it convenient to people who like to eat thien thien chicken rice and some other restaurant like that. Don't later lunch time go to that restaurant baru realize is closed.  If your shop also would like to me to help you to put in the list please email or contact me. Restaurants, Offices, Boutique every shop are welcome. 
  Lets make life easier and enjoy the holiday.

200K More To Go!!!

Great.... today my blog reached 800k times people viewing from the day one I started my blog.
If every counter I get 10 cents that's mean today I got 80k in my account. Of coz I don't get any single cent from that lah... If got right wah siok lo Bruther!!!
Thanks to all of you... with you people this numbers it won't happen today.
I hope this year my blog can hit One Million. Let's see when it happen start from today lah.
Celebrate Prosperity. McDonald’s has brought prosperous times back for Bruneians with the all-time favourite Prosperity Burger.

Enjoy your favourite Chicken Prosperity meal now and is available for a limited time only.

“The Prosperity Burger is a Malaysian creation and its phenomenal popularity has been making waves in the region. The secret to the great-tasting Prosperity Burger lies in the quality ingredients that we use. We do not compromise on food quality and maintain strict quality and safety standards from sourcing for ingredients right up to serving the finished products. When it comes to our food, our values are one of our most important ingredients, and we focus hard on delivering only the best to our customers,” said Dk. Kemariah Pg Hj Duraman, General Manager of McDonald’s Brunei.

Similar to the Beef Prosperity Burger, the Chicken Prosperity Burger is made of a juicy tender chicken dipped in aromatic black pepper sauce and topped with slivered onions in a sesame seed bun for an appetizing meal. Also making a special appearance as part of the Prosperity meal is the Twister Fries, made from the best Umatilla Russet potatoes, perfectly seasoned and cooked to golden perfection. While the Prosperity McFizz, a combination of 100% orange juice and Sprite, is the perfect beverage to complete the meal.

The Chicken Prosperity meal is priced at $7.18 and Beef Prosperity meal is at $6.78 for medium and just add 60 cents for large meal.

Double Prosperity will start from 19 January 2012. Visit McDonald’s for your next meal or call 244 9669 for McDelivery.

No More i?

Sometime I wondering would Apple named their produce with and i in front forever?
iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMac, iTunes, iMovie, iCal, iChat, iDVD, iPhoto, iWeb, iSync, iWork, iLife, iLotus.
All this i i i i i  thing was named when Steve Jobs still as a CEO of Apple Inc. But now he had already gone and do you think that Tim Cook also gonna follow this foot step?
I have a feeling that Tim Cook not going to name Apple's produces with i i i i  things in front again.
Like the Safari, Aperture, Photo Booth, Macbook they don't need the i in front.
So I got a feeling that Apple next generation of phone is not calling iPhone 5. If Apple still want to be a leader of all this electronic gadget they must think of some thing different again like last time when iPhone born. Seriously I do crazy support the Apple's gadget and did it for nearly 5 years but at the same time now I also sense that other brand's produces also catching up Apple now. I'm not sure now I still can hold my holy-molly to love Apple again in future if they fail again like that when Steve Jobs not the CEO of Apple.

I have see that the iPhone's Apps has almost reach to the bottle neck. Apps people created this day look like repeat and repeat. Social, Video, Photo, Games all like nothing much change. Is kinda boring now. 
Say true true one lah... I have an iDea for the Apple. If you can invented your next iPhone that can use in the "WATER" and it will be great and I'm sure this is another Boom again for the iPhone.

Take a look at this... iPhone can use in the sky, space, on the ground or cave but you never hear that people using iPhone in the water. If the next iPhone can in the water..... dammm my daily life is going to change again in 2012. Taking shower, enjoy my hot bathtub, I still can play music and Angry Birds there. Taking pictures and videos in the swimming  pool wasn't that awesome?
And I'm sure that day it comes a lot of Bath/Shower Apps develop... and Apps can create for the diver who can use in the sea. GPS under the sea etc...
Apps for children can play with their iPad during shower just like a rubber ducky!!! See... isn't that a great iDea... more place and more apps to create for using under water!!! 
Tim Cook.... please hire me!!! I really want to help Apple and see this day happen!!!

I can't block them over taking me any longer!!!   

Back Off Paper Boy!!!

Just another practical joke I make few day a ago. Making a sound effect for the Paperboy riding a Yamaha YB100 at highway. Speed is around 80 to 100km from Old Airport to Gadong.

Another Good Apps

I always wanted all my friend's contacts number in my phone can have their info and photo in there. wondering is there any apps can do that for me with out causing so much trouble. Finally I found it in the iTunes is call SmartSync.
With this apps now I can sync my friend's info in the Facebook together with my iPhone.
Not need to susah susah go key in one by one with their birthday, address, email and so. Just looking for that person in FB you wish to sync in the phone, Click,Choos Done. Easy as ABC.
Sharing this info to you guys and hope you like it too.

 Now I have all the Lim Family pictures and info in my phone..awesome ya!

Alvin & Chipmunks

McDonald’s got something special for your kids and for the kid in you.
There’s something for everyone whether you’re looking forward to having loads of fun playing with these toys or you just love collecting toys. Happy Meal presents Alvin and the Chipmunk which includes Dreaming Brittany, Eleanor, Theodore, Hot Doggin Alvin on a surf board, Jeanette, Serenading Simon, Going Out Alvin in a tux and Dancing Brittany. Happy Meal consist of either beef burger or cheese burger or  4 pcs chicken nugget or 1 pc chicken with side of French Fries or fruit cup and 1 soft drink.

But hurry, they are available for limited time only and while stock last. So head down to McDonald’s which is located in Gadong or call 244 9669 for delivery (terms and conditions apply ).

I got 3 girls chipmunks for my daughter liao....

Tie Shoelaces Vs Play iPad/iPhone

Suddenly I have this question in my head. How many kids out the under 6 who really know who to tie up their shoelaces?
Seriously I don't think this days those parents are proud of their children that know how to tie up their own shoelaces! Am I right???? More of them are more concert and proud of their kids know who to play with the iPad or iPhone (even myself also)
As you see this day even under 3 years old kids also know how to unlocked the iPhone/iPad and play with the apps but is hard to see kids under 6 years old know how to tie their shoelace. Which mean that the iPad/iPhone are more easy operating that tie up the shoelaces......

I'm not surprise of this coz I'm sure and also seen some people eat until 30 still don't know which one is Left and which one is Right! And also some chinese finish high school still don't know how to read or recognize which one is the chinese left and right. You don't believe... test them!

Happy Birthday Dude.

I'm having a wonderful weekend last week. Thanks for the dinner dude and the Partay..... 
Wish you all the best and can be a father this year like me!!!

How Is Ted Williams Now?

Have you ever wondering how is this man now? check out this site here 

Happy Friday The 13th!!!

Do you think Friday The 13th is really bad ka???? Suddenly I got this idea why people not celebrate Friday 13th one oh??? We have people play with the April Fool wat...... Why not Friday 13th cannot also like that kan? If you see people fall, lost IC or money. Smart phona kana curi, Car hit by someone on this day... Sent your greeting to them say "Happy Friday The 13th!!!!"
If might feel much better and calm... right!!! 
Like yesterday a trailer self accident at the Jalan Tutong near the hospital and high court there in the morning, causing a heavy traffic jam make many people late to work, school, home, breakfast etc.
Very jialat one man.... Me not going out just stay at home at that time. Open my facebook and twitter already can see more them 10 people posting the truck accident photo!!! Not so sure the driver or anyone else get hurt about that. I can say that is the News of The Day.
All I can say is " Happy Advance Friday The 13th"!!!!!!


2012 New Year Deco

What Do You Think With My New Ride????

My New Hair(s) Cut

Chinese New Year is coming.... to town!!!
Yea lah... Is time to have a hair cut now before it double the price. I still haven't got buy new cloth for CNY. Don't know why it doesn't feel like CNY mode is on. Maybe because I'm old or is too early to have another "New Year" or what lah. Just like the X'mas and 2012 new year wasn't long ago and now the CNY again coming.... Normally our CNY is on February one but this year is on January....mmmm feel like not use to it!!! 
But anyhow... January or February also have to celebrating it lah.. that's why now we all are preparing it now. Spring cleaning the house, wash,polish and wax the car... I think tomorrow I also have to hang the Red Lantern on the garage there liao. But don't worry lah my Lantern won't hit one your head one lah. 
I remember I have the Lion Dance adopted last year.. mmm is time to take it out for Sun Bathing again.

Fresh Air Cafe

I'm sure many of you ever see this place before. If you going down to Seria or coming up to Bandar sure ever see this place one. It located at after the traffic light at Lumut one on the left hand side if you from Bandar. After so many year and passing by this place and wondering What and How is this place look like, finally last week me and my friend give it a try during our trip to KB.
I always wondering what does it mean with F.A Cafe mean for.... I always thought that is Football Association Cafe... something with soccer stuff lah.
After drive up and see baru I know is mean for FRESH AIR cafe!!! lol
Ok no doubt that place is nice, peaceful and clean and the name Fresh Air Cafe really suit for the name.
Bring Darling go there dating dating also not bad. Or some friends makan there when having a trip to Seria or KB. Strictly not a nice place for a couple for discuss about life or fighting.. coz is to silence until can hear what you talk about even far away from 20 meter. Seriously one.. I no tipu.
Foods nice and price also reasonable. Can go for a try next time if you go there but make sure slow down your speed early before is too late and need to make a big u turn again. 

After I see this baru I know what does F A cafe mean for!

Nice big compound for parking!!!

Nice Phone But Cannot Instagram!!! LOL

This few day busy on something.... but think about it I also don't know what am I busy on. Everyday jalan sini jalan sana. The recently follow my friend go buy sound system for his living room and mobile phone. He got himself a Samsung Galaxy Note. He been keep asking me is that Ok to buy or not... I know even that how many time I say No I'm sure that he still wanted to buy one. I'm not a Android kaki of coz not agree one la right.... but last last I still have to tipu myself and say YES go get one.
This new smart phone not cheap also tu.... nine hundred plus plus!!! Big and huge with the screen, holding it making a call just like holding a piece of Black Toilet Tile.
iPhone kaki... next time if you see people using Galaxy Note you tell them "Oi...Toilet tile is use on the toilet floor not on your face"
Booo... some how a smart phone nearly 1k yet cannot play with Instagram!!!! Booooooo.
( I'm sure a lot of Android kaki hate me after I post this) 

Hello....... You Play Play with us Gilaxy Note ya!!!! I'll Smack You with my Tile nanti!!! 

Chinese Lantern Fail

Incase the video not pop out from your window. Click HERE

Hidden Treasure

If you have renting comic book experience sure you have see this kind of this or some people have this kind of habit. Sticking their nose shit in one of the page. I'm already used to it to see this, during my school time this is a very common one.... Not only the comic book house got like that... Our school library also very common to see this thing in the book.
Can't believe that today I meet them again after so many years I didn't see them anymore. If I wasn't 2 days ago when to buy those 2nd hand comic books at Gadong I also never have a chance to see them again.
I don't know why how come got some people got this kind of habit one like to dig their nose shit and stick in the book. Wondering is it because they use that as their book mark or not!! 
Bu looking at the color you actually can judge that person healthy or not.
This one you see is yellow color... that's mean this average, If is green color one sure that person is Panas nya.... If is black color sure that person is long time no clean his nose one...

Nose shit is Ok lah..... some thing got more worse one if you rent the book got 2 page is sticked together one... can't open anymore, if you use force to open either one of the page will go to another one!!!
Now think about it... I wondering what are those thing and make them stick!!! Disgusting right!!! hahaha

The nose shit got almost 15 years old already!!!  

Super Lelong Chinese Comic Books!!!

Thousand and thousands Chinese Comic Books here are for Lelong!!!

Last night I received a call from a lady that she hope that I can help her to coverage about her brother shop. I did do that before like new restaurants, shop or kedai-kedai in Brunei. I though it was just ordinary shop like a new launching shop like that... But after talking with her baru I realize is her brother shop gonna close down soon. This is some thing that I never do before.
Then I just realize that the place is where I use to hang out when I was young. The Comic Book House at 1st Floor of the Gadong Hua Ho. Seriously I totally forgot about this place. Me and my sister last time rent comic book from them and now is quite sad and feel sorry that they going to close down.
So now all their comic books semua lelong.... price are really cheap. One whole series original one more than 10 books only cost $10.00 but of cost some of that are more cheaper! Buy more discount more. You also can pop out your price and don't forget to bargain. 
I got myself whole big black sampah bag back home and cheap until my wife also don't believe. Tomorrow she also want to get the Rama 1/2 whole series too!  
I spend 3 hours there and look for those comic I read when I was young. Can't believe that still have some. I try my best to have it but too bad I don't have enough space to keep of those comic.
If you are also a Chinese comic lover don't miss this chance yo.. I hard to have like this again in the future. For those saloon, restaurant or cafe owner you guys also can buy some and put in your shop to let your customer to read... Not bad also right!!!
For more information or you want to sapu all the comics you can contact the two number below here.
8986577-Sarah or 8730018-Aunty Adeline.

This is a huge collections of comic books here. Everything must go including the book racks!!!

Is like a comic book heaven if you own all this in your room!!!!

A man buy all this 8 full box of comic for 250.00!!! Can you believe it!!! 

I'm sure someone who love to have this collection. Guess what.. only $10.00 saja!!!

Dragon Balls 1 to 42...!!! Name Your Prices!!!

I used to crazy about this Dragon Tiger Gate.... All this must go!!!!

This is collectable items!!!

Mix and Match yourself and don't forget to bargain!!!!

She also got some novel back home too.

This is all I have for the 3 hours looking up and down, in and out!!! Only 30 dollars!!! Worth It Baby!!!

And a free classic Long Fu Meng poster!!!!

Action Movie FX

Bruther...... Check out this new apps called Action Movie FX is really awesome and is free. 

I'm In DRtv Again~At 6:10

Angry Birds "Enter The Dragon"

I ever thing about will this happen after the Angry Birds come out the Moon Cake Festival . Well.... yes it did, this coming Chinese New Year Angry Birds Season going to release the Chinese New Year version!!! Awesome right... I wondering how it looks like with the Green Pig. This is what I think lah... the Green Pig king this time become as a Fortune God!!! See am I right or not Ok... Oh ya... Maybe the Mystery Eagle had become a dragon too!!!
Let's wait and see lah!!!

BruXpo Engine Starto!!!

Yo Check this out BruXpo at the Berakas Indoor Stadium. Free Patong Smurf and don't forget to signup to stay a chance for winning a 42 inch LCD back home. If Tomorrow you go ngam-ngam is the Hyundai Veloster launching too. Got Carnival Games, Free Chinese medical consultation form Tong Ren Tang, Freebies from Jasra and many more!!!

I wondering who is the number 1 and 2 person to signup for the lucky draw!!!!

I like that red star chair.... Cute kan!!!

Why not Bruther!!!!! hehehe just kidding. FYI my wife also their product in her office!!!

Preparing for the Hyundai Veloster launch!!!!