I'll Try It Next Year

I wondering Dolly Parton go come or not oh.... heheheh
I'm sorry every time I heard Kenny Roger this name it make me think of Dolly Parton. I still remember it was opened at Kiulap next to the AV there but don't know why it close lah so now the Kenny Roger restaurant is back. Maybe one day the Grandy and A&W also come back once again tu!!!
Bah next year I go try it see nyaman or not!!!

The New Supa Save

My teacher said to me before " Today's Home Work Today Do, Don't Wait Until Tomorrow". So yesterday I finish watching the 4x4 race at tanah jambu I rush back home and pick up my wife and children then visit this new Supa Save at the Seria there!
This is the first I see the new Supa Save after take down the old building! Honestly I still like the old building and I think many people do so! But this one new building also looks like Angmo style supermarket too, it has more shop and car park than last time! If you compare this one with the Beribi there this is a bit lower and indoor also darker not as bright as Beribi. 
  Hehehe we all know that every Supa Save the stuff there everything almost the same lah we bandar here also can buy but it just that not sampai here macam not soik kan!!! So me ended up also didn't buy what there only bought a Quarter Pound beef burger there... 
mmm maybe the next year 2013 I come will me different lah coz sure other shop there already open!!!

 click image to view larger!

 Masuk dari sini!!!  Crocs open there soon!

 Great.. got breast feeding room too!

Click image to view larger!

 You'll notice that the upper part of the rack a bit darker...

 Pork Section!!!

 Frozen foods section but I see something hot there

Counter baya sini!!! 

I by this one for my dinner... B$3.00 cukup makan lah!! 

I not sure got quarter pound or not lah but looks big... taste ok ok lah!!   

4X4 Race At Tanah Jambu

I never like 4x4 but after I few months ago I follow my friends to KK see the Borneo Safari I think I kinda like this game. Now I think that this is a real man game. Dirty, Sweaty, Stinky,Tough, Wet and Hot all this is in part of the game.. If you are a Gentleman+Sissy please back off and don't step on this field.
Yesterday I went to the Tanah Jambu there and see my friends participate the 4x4 race and they won 2nd in team work category. Good job bruther!!!
During the event walaupun is hot and dry but still many people came and see the race.. and some people use their 4x4 camp out side near the road there to watch the race... awesome lah.
Bah next time I join you both lah!!!

No Worries Still Having!!!

I notice that many people still think that 1st of January fuel station are closing for holiday here...
Eh... actually is not lah Bruthers, 1st of January is just new year not Hari Raya so most of the fuel station still operating one. No need to worry they close.. Just now I went to few station and checked with the staff all of them open so I think you can relax lah not need to follow people Q here Q there to buy full tank for all your car at home!!! Just relax and enjoy our holiday bruthers!!! 

Look Like Pizza But Taste Like Burger

Great... if you and your partner one want to eat Burger and another want to eat Pizza then you should try out this American Burger at the Swensen's. Is a Pizza but taste like a Burger.
Today I spend a half day at the mall with my wife and daughter there. We are looking for school bag and shoe for my daughter lo.. ya lah she is going to school next year sudah... Fast right the time go!
Alright back to the Pizza... so we went to have brunch at Swensen there and I saw their menu with this American Burger and is an Pizza. It really make me curious about this Pizza. Is it Pizza or Burger I ask the waiter and he told me is pizza and no typo with the menu! So I order lah... then when it come to my table I baru believe that I order a pizza.
When I have my first bite just a snap of second my tongue telling me is a burger!!!!
You don't believe me.. then you go try it yourself lah! btw this American Burger is in my meal list now!!!

Yummy.... too bad I can't lic

Peace Sign

Hey Bruthers... If you go to airport to pick up or send some one there slow down you speed and take a look on your right before you drive up the the departure hall there. You'll see the new building of the airport the tiang to support the roof kinda look like a Peace Sign!!!Awesome...

RM2.5 vs Salebration

Looks like the bonus didn't impact much of the shoppers to do their shopping in town here. Funny things is out side the mall there is a lot of cars jamming out side but in the shopping mall you don't see much people as the car, so where is all the people got?
Looks like the Salebration can't attracted the shoppers compare the RM2.5 currency exchange.
It seen to be the neighbor country shop taokie they are always the winner when every year the bonus come. You know what kind of shop are happy here when bonus come? Mobile phone... Cos shopper here won't got Miri Limbang and buy mobile phone there.
Honestly is kinda sad to see the scenario like that every year... Do you see or not that's why RM can not need go back to their currency exchange rate like before. Forever one year drop 50 cent and they can live happily ever after liao. If suddenly rise back to 15 years ago RM 1.8 - B$1.00 you think our shopper here still want to go there and shop?? 
In fact is the more it drop the more they happy coz we all earn here and spend there!!!

Happy Year End

Where is everybody??? Sounds like a lot of people not in town at the end of the year! When I look at my FB I also don't see people updated their wall. Only only in FB even on the road also the same not much car! The only place you see many people is people today Q at the ATM machine withdraw money! Is payday featuring Bonus day... awesome lah! I also thinking to withdraw money to spend but when I saw the Q I tarus put reverse gear balik kampong rumah.. wait until just now 10:30pm I baru go and take money! 
Maybe that also one of the reason lah everyone go makan angin. Soik also see people got bonus to take, Me I think more that 8 years nobody give me bonus sudah!!! Eh Jealous I....

Here are some things I post in the fb page about the Fun Facts With ATM Machine 
Looks like everyone enjoy about it!!!

Merry Christmas 2012

Look like this year end kinda quiet here.. not only people disappear in town but also in their facebook!
I have more than 2 thousand people added me in fb but in 6 hours I only see 67 people update their status in their wall!
conclusion... facebook and working hours are LINK!!!!
Btw Merry Christmas to everyone of you here! Hey have you every wondering why Christmas always have to use the word Merry to greeting people? Why nobody use Happy Christmas? Or use the Marry with New Year?
I just checked the word Merry in dictionary it mean by "cheerful and lively : the narrow streets were dense with merry throngs of students | a merry grin. • (of an occasion or season) characterized by festivity and rejoicing : he wished me a merry Christmas." but I also surprisingly found that also mean by " • [ predic. ] Brit., informal slightly and good-humoredly drunk : after the third bottle of beer he began to feel quite merry.
Mmmmmm I see no wonder christmas involve with alcohol lah!!! hehehe

My Christmas eve dinner at this year with friends saja... no fancy or luxury dinner, we do one like kampong style, something like we makan at Kuala Lurah! No candles light, no christmas decoration, 100% guaranty local Potluck style!
Curry chicken, fried rice, fried meehoon, fried chicken wings... eh don't play play ah walaupun local style but still have turkey too! But too bad the turkey eat by the fly and lay her eggs first!!!
The only thing got christmas feel there is the cake I bought it from Le Doux for my friend wife's birthday and it was taste awesome!

Stop Nagging Me!!!!

Do you notice that the FB now in your wall got a assistant every time asking you your personal feeling or things? I find kinda annoying with her lah.. Feel like I want to type 'Hey You Shut Up"
Why you want to be do Keapo there!!! I good no good also none of your business!!

GoodBye Mr Idris Taher Vasi

APPOINTMENT OF DST’S ACTING CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER  Tungku Link, Brunei Darussalam (December 26, 2012) - Datastream Technology Sdn Bhd hereby announces the appointment of Awang Haji Suhaimi Bin Awang Haji Hussain as the Acting Chief Executive Officer of Datastream Technology Sdn Bhd.   He replaces Mr Idris Taher Vasi with effect from Friday 21 December 2012. 

Vertical Panorama

Look I discovery that there is fun with the taking panorama picture with vertical way....Try it bruther especially with your kids they really gonna like it when see the result!
Is very easy to do, just two hands holding you phone and turn it 180 degree from up to down and up again!!! Look at the picture below I did it with my daughter and my niece! Awesome right!