You No Die, I Die!!!

Yea!!!!!! Big right!!!! Don't Play Play........
If kana sting by this Hornet sure your face become "Green Hornet" one!!!
Don't know why this two months got come a lot this kind of hornet into my house one! I almost kill them One week one time. Today is the biggest than a 50 cents. of coz not the US Rapper 50 Cents lah.... If got that big must use AK47 to kill him liao.
I think maybe some where in the area got their beehive and also my house the Jambu and Starfruit tree are now flowering too maybe that's because attracted them come to my house. But I don't care lah... this thing fly into my living room.... mmm sorry lah you must die one liao! If they not die and sting my daughters.. Jialat lah my baby!!!

Seriously last time I don't like to kill this kind small small things one...of coz don't mention when I was really young lah. Unless you are a mosquitos lah.. I KILL YOU(like Achmad)
Normally I just let them go coz I don't like to use and smell the Shieldtox punya bau.... I hate it yo!!!
But now if I see a small ant in the house I also don't let them go, apa lagi bees, lizard or Cicak Man!!!
I guess is because my baby, I automatic feel want to protect them not hurt by them so I have to kill them!
This reminded my one of my friend back to few years ago. When my friend and his wife they bought a new house and moving the time, there is one time a whole family of ants step by step, left by left walk on the walk from the window, the husband and wife like see enemy like that.... wah both kill the ants like nobody one... betul betul want the ants whole family die..
I understand have to protect the children but also not need protect until like that ma right!!!
But today..... I'm wrong!!! I also turn like that too during that time! So you don't laugh at me.... one day you also got children the time you know how it feel Bruther!!!

Frozen Him!!!!