Will Global Warming Affect Fruits Season???

I just came back from Sungai Liang bring my wife and anaks  balik kampong and meet their uncle-auntie. FIY my eyes is on the Durian trees see got durian or not! Yes it has a lot up there but this one is Local White Durian not that type sell high high one the D24 or King of Mountain Cat that type lah.
Fyi... local good Durian normal is not for sale one... usually people are keep it for themselves makan sendiri saja..don't play play!!! 
I'm not showing off the durian here lah today.... but I just wondering why at this time still have durians bah!! If this Durian no kacau by the monkeys, squirrels, heavy rains or winds all this are really to serve by next year in between Chinese New Year and Valentine!!! 
Funny right!!!! Think about it for the pass I never see got local durian drop during January or February!!! Isn't it weird? If you say the Thailand's Durian I understand lah... that one seen like every months also can buy at supermarket there. But local fruits are different... they have season that's why it call "Musim Buah-buahan" a.k.a Fruits Season 
During the fruits season you can see the fruits come out one by one.... Durian, Rambutan, Langsat, Maggis Mall, Tarap, Tampoi, Kembayau, If you see all this fruits come out at tamu, market or road side people selling.... just hamtam and eat saja.... eat until sick also worth it lah as long as you don't see people start selling "Buah Rambai"(as picture below)
Then you have to say bye bye to the fruits season already!!! Coz "Buah Rambai" is the last fruit come out of all the local season fruits once it come out that's mean is the end of the season.
"Rambai" it also sound like "Lambai". lambai means weaving so it bye bye to all the fruits!!!
Of coz now people also call "Buah Lambai" too. This lambai also look and taste little bit like Langsat.
But funny is now already December.... normally this Lambai is out already but why the Durian still have finish come out yet??? Even my Banar-banar...... banar..... banar....betul betul betul.... I really Cinta lovely faithful loyal honey golden yellow one and only in Borneo the "Durian Kuning" also haven't come out now!!!! WHY!!!! 
This is my Best of the Best best best Durian better then the D24 thousands times still balum ada!!!!
Is this because the global warming kah!!!!! 
If you say global warming didn't affected the weather..... I don't believe!!! see our fruits season is already a sign!!!! 
I tell you true true one lah.... Next year you see the Chinese New Year we Chinese house sure got Durian for replacing the Mandarin Orange!!!!! By the time SIOK lah..... everyone the mouth smell and burp durian and say "Gong Xi Fa Cai" to each other and give Ang Pao also got Durian smell!!!!

Buah Rambai a.k.a Buah Lambai!!!