Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt

Have you try this Tutti Frutti at the Cities Square ground floor and it just opened few days ago. Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt is an international soft serve frozen yogurt brand of Well Spring . It provides no sugar added mixes, smoothie base mixes.
At the moment they have serve eight different flavors and more flavors coming soon too. I like the concept of how you want your frozen yogurt it to be.... and is call 
"Do You Froyo?"
Step 1) Select Cup Size. 
Step 2) Dispense and mix frozen Yogurt. 
Step 3)Pick favorite toppings Step
 4) Weight and Pay, 
And is only cost B$3.50 per 100 grams. FYI is all done by yourself. So if you want all 8 flavors in one cup also can... no body can stop you one!!!

I had try it yesterday with my wife and daughter. We like it very much and especially my daughter.
I kinda like the sour flavors one like their Original yogurt, Berry and yam. My wife prefer the coffee one! Sweet and Sour both also not bad, it just that what you had add for the toppings lah. I suggest Sweet yogurt one put dry topping and Sour one put wet toppings. 
Remember you can try/testing it first(is free) before you decide which one you like to have!!!!

Red cup is suitable for a small family, and the green cup suitable for couple or BFF!!!   

Yes I'm Froyo already!!!!

If they can serve ice-cream cone lagi best! So I can make long long and high high by myself!!!

Testing testing 1-2-3.......4-5-6-7-8!!!!

I didn't know that there is so many benefits for that!!!

My baby like it very much!!!