Suka-Suka Hati Di Jalanraya

One day 2 times I almost get into an accident. After from we finish makan the frozen yogurt at Tutti Frutti on my way back home. Luckily I'm always Berhati-hati Di Jalanraya and must keep distance with the front car!!! If not sure I kana in the accident one!!! My wife and daughter also in the car if kana accident car rosak never mind.... yang penting is they both are safe.
I really hate some people driving car like that one... Come out or stop the car as they like... as it the road only they are the one who use it saja!!!
To all my Bruther.... you people better also drive carefully and always keep distance with in front the car  too!
This is one the first part of the video.... The black Toyota Vios on the right just suddenly come out without warning. Luckily I manage to slow down and let the Blue Mazda 6 cut in to my lane..... if not sure accident one.
The second part video is the black Toyota Innova suddenly slow down and stop in front the traffic lights which is still Green!!! Lucky no car behind me if not sure kiss my ass and I kiss the front car ass!!!
Hey.... think about that people car sometime also got babies, family and the love one.... Because of your careless it might take away people's life..... You Know!!!!
Think, Before It's Too Late!!!!