She Is 2 And Ask A lot Now

She learning how to eat with chopstick now.

For the pass two year I don't see what the hard to rise her up but recently she had change a lot...
Not that she had "Learn" and "Talk" a lot but also "Asking" really a lot too!
When every time she heard we talking, arguing or gossiping in the car, home, kitchen or room. Once she heard in she'll come to you and ask....
"What Oh...'' What's wrong Oh...." Why Oh....." Why Like That Oh..."
 At first I still found happy to explain everything to her and let her know everything she have to know but slowly slowly I found that she making annoying to me and my wife. 
"Papa... what you do oh??" I"m watching Youtube lah!!!" then she ask me again...."Why Oh"
You tell me how am I suppose to answer her back? 
I guess now is because she curious about everything what we adult people do and wondering why. 
I couldn't just make up a story or a not true fact to answer she back. I can't just like the older people telling us "Do not point at the moon..... later your ears will fall down" like that or when we ask some question that they malas to answer us the question sure their answer is " Wait until you big already then you'll know one lah"

I see that my this daughter in future got a little bit like me... must know the truth till deep deep into the bottom one. Hopefully one day she don't ask me "Chicken first one kah.. or the Egg come first?"
By the time I guess I also have to follow the old people foot step say....
"Wait one day you big already then you'll know''