Same Taste But Different Soup



Yesterday went to my friend's shop to fix the plate number, If I didn't go visit him I also don't know there is small story about this Chevrolet logo here. He told me that some people bought this type if car they don't like the Logo due to it look like a Cross. Which is true also.... no doubt in some angle it does look like a cross. Some customer wanted change into the Holden logo but now the Chevy come with the huge Chevy logo and come together with the grill or bumper so no way can change the logo. So got people insist to take off it. 
So my friend come out of this idea. Using a Silver color sticker to cover up the Chevy Gold and make it doesn't look so obvious like a cross. My friend ask me wanted to have a try with it and is free for me.
After 5 minutes cut and stick with the logo....mmmm ya it doesn't look so obvious and now turn out look more smart and sporty to me! It is a good idea just with a simple sticker, Now at least can save your money and have a new look. I kinda like it with the new logo look now..... So what you think so?