Renewing License

Luckily I got check my driving license and is already expire for few day ago. Lucky I didn't kana road block for the pass few day. I hear and see a lot people say and post in FB, twitter that say eveyway seen like also got road block. I am lucky... maybe that is the Christmas present from Santa which I be a good boy for the whole year.
Bruther... have you checked your driving license already? Don't play play ah... later kana saman baru you tau! Some how this day got many road block sudah.

Some people say that is because of the Bonus are coming out soon so that's why got many road block and everyone got money to pay the fine.
I say this is bullshit and nonsense, totally there is nothing to do with that. If you and your car are fine why you have to worry about the fine?
Only for those people with no valid license, potong string, over size wheel, not approved bodykit by land transport, illegal modified car, people to always speeding etc... are worrying!!!
Impossible the police gonna ask you after you open your window "You ada Bonus sudah kah??? Nah Saman.... Bah baya lima puluh riggit dapan sama!!!"
Isn't that stupid??? 
I was arguing this issue just not with my friend in the car and I think that he is kinda stubborn.
He insist that road block thing is because of the Bonus.... Ok whatever!!! What can I say... he still my friend!!!