One Year One Time II

Yes..... My own traditional festival has arrived. Me one year must eat one time before Chinese New Year the McDonalds Prosperity Burger. I always call it "Fatt Cai Burger/發財漢堡包"
Now you to their outlet to order this liao.... I know I got few friends also like me one.... Must have at least one of this before the CNY. 
Last year I bought it at Miri see here now look back the time it really fly fast like nothing.
So think about it eating this P.Burger do I got prosperity at the whole year? Yes I am... I got a second wonderful+beautiful+healthy daughter this year and this is more than enough for me.
My "Prosperity" wish very simple one.... I just wish every thing go smooth and steady, No macam-macam thing to come kacau, Go Safe and Happy Simply Life then is enough for me!