Old Go New Come

Again my house another car is time to have change a new pair of tyre. Actually it still can use for some more miles one but think about it twice I decided to change it better lah.... don't play play this few days the weather like always rain in the night time. Lagi  pun today pass by the Kiarong highway saw a car accident sampai the car turn over and lay on the road side and causing heavy traffic jam, lucky no die if not going to be the No: 41 after the 18 year old boy at Airport highway.

Seriously one lah... tyre this kind of thing really better don't play play. I don't mean that no money also have to buy expensive type of tyre for you car one but at least must buy a good one with got tracks tyre not that kind of 2nd Hand used tyre lah...
Think about it, it just few 10 dollars different but why still got people risk for their life for the untrusted wheels?? A life is not worth for a 40-50 dollars cheap second hand tyre Ok!!!! 

I don't dare to put my family's life on that kind of condition. I always want them to be safe and comfort.
Although this tyre I bought cost one hundred and seventy plus but I still think is worth it.