My Ways To Pay Less Get iTunes

Yea..... My new iTunes card had arrived from Australia.
I got few friends ever asking me where and how do I get the iTunes credit for buy all the Apps.
My way is very simple, I ask my nieces who studying at Perth to buy for me saja. She just go to any supermarket like our Supasave here already have buy there, every time she just text me the redeem number and I just key into the iTunes Store and I got the credit to buy those apps. When she balik Brunei I just pay her back saja! 
Yesterday she just came back to from there and I ask her to get me Aud$50.00. So if compare with the local shop selling one.. I do save a lot bruther. 
There is another way to save you money to pay for those over charge iTunes card selling at local shop. PC Game Supply is one of the way you also can get iTunes Cards
But this one you have to have a credit card to buy lah. So far I try and check this website is the cheapest one I found. My wife used to buy from here and is also safe too.
This one is USA one so you have to go US iTunes to buy your apps. So how cheap is it compare to the local one? Buy a Usd$25.00 from here they only charge you Bnd$38.00 to Bnd$39.00 depends the rates. If buy from local shop is about Bnd$48.00 almost Bnd$10.00 different.
Just sharing this info to your people and try to help you have a little money saja lah... If you orang kaya kao-kao one maybe you don't need it lah... hehehehhe