Low Fuel Tank

Is it only me got this habit? 
I wondering someone out there also got like that too or not oh.....!
This is my bad habit, like to drive the car until the fuel indicator light up or drive until the fuel meter almost touch the E.
I have this habit for some years already. I don't know why I like that not only for my car but also for my scooter too! 
I had heard from many people said that drive until the fuel tank almost empty are not good for the car, it will damage the engine..... The reason is because they say that the fuel tank are dirty on the bottom of the tank. And every time when we fill up the fuel with empty tank it will mix up the dirty rusty stuff in the fuel and and dirty stuff are going in the engine and that's how it damage it!

Of coz I don't believe all this myth.... this is all bull shit and doesn't make sense to me.
There is one thing are call "Fuel Filter" in between the fuel tank and engine. That fuel filter are protecting our car engine lah... so not need to worries one! Some how the fuel tank now are made by not rusty material one... 

Now let me tell you why I like to drive until low fuel tank baru go buy fuel. Only one reason why I like to do that... I want it to be "Light Weight" with my car! Once is light weight with the car it can save fuel, save money, longer life spend with the tyre, suspension and breakpad and one more thing it can also run faster than a full tank fuel.
Ya.... you can say that I'm a freak, and all this "Light weight" idea doesn't working much with that... maybe it just save a little money, fuel, tyre etc just about 3 to 5% only. So what.... this is me, my life style memang cali one...
But don't forget..... The best thing I run my car with low fuel tank which is good that for preventing the car to be stolen. Who want to curi your with low fuel one.... drive your car sampai Kuala Lurah or Sungai Tujuh you think they not stop in the middle of the road kan? If they tamba minyak at Shell station you think the CCTV cannot see their face ka!!! See there is so many advantage that my car with low fuel right!!!! heheheh Don't play play ah!!!!