Korean Food At Yayasan Food Court

Frankly speaking.... I'm not a big fans of Korean Food. When we have a family dinner at out side once my sister suggest go eat Korean food, habis lah I don't know what to order and eat sudah. I don't like to eat Kimchi, Their foods serve so little just like feeding a cat, hello me Tiger lah not a cat. Basically Korean food every time I eat sure still feel hungry and walk out the door one!
Again yesterday my sister suggested to try a Korean Food at Yayasan's food court there. She heard from her friend said the Korean food there are good, cheap and give a lot with the side dish!!
So ok..... at least this time is at food court so I'm not necessary must eat Korean food if I'm not siok I still can eat other food there.

Ok... this time I give it a try, I see something look not bad and the price also reasonable, in their menu number 44 Boneless Fish with BBQ Chicken and come with 6 side dishes for $7.00. 
Look in the picture macam not bad lah but after I eat also not bad too.. I like it but still I don't like to eat Kimchi.
My Father, mother and sister they like kimchi. I don't know why.... I still prefer our Belacan!!!
So anyway... My dad order a Beef Rims rice, Mother order Kimchi Soup with rice and my sister order their Cucur korean!! All this come with the 6 side dishes. 

Tell you true true one.... the food is good and I like it especially my sister order one the Cucur korean. Is crispy then the other Korean food. We all like it is yummy lah!!!
Second is my father's Beef Rims. Overall I like the Korean Food here now but still....... I don't like Kimchi!!!
If you are a Big Fans of Korean Foods.... give yourself and try here!!!
One thing I don't like to eat here is after you walk out the food court you smell sting with your shirt!!!

My sister say here is more choices then the other Korean food. This one I don't know lah coz I didn't really look through their menu before!!!

I don't know what they call this... I call this as Cucur Korean!!!

This make me full full and walk out the door first time I had eat Korean Food.  One Boneless Fish with  Two BBQ Chicken Drum Stick!!!

This is the Beef Rims. Got Set and A-la Cart. Set it $12.00. A-la Cart size medium if I no salah is $18.00, Large is $24.00!!!