It Remind Me That....

Saw this headline yesterday on BB and I wondering this that because of the Bus accident at Sabah last week. When I was reading this paper all of sudden it remind me back to many years ago a bus accident ever happen at Sungai Akar there. 
Anyone of you still remember that??? A beautiful japanese girl die was die the spot. I still remember that story cause during that time me every day have to pass by that road sending my ex-girlfriend home.
The accident was happen at the Sungai Akar roundabout, dulu that area still don't have roundabout it a cross junction. That time the Bus driver was run on the red light and is really fast... tiba-tiba a car from green light one come out from otherside... bla bla bla... accidents... bing bing bang here fly there... last last I remember the peper also got show that Japanese girl photo on the paper..
Seriously that japanese girl look pretty you know... aiyo kasian lah so beautiful die so early. 
Last last tapau balik Japan lah... Kasian banar!!!
(click HERE and THIS to view the report)

I see a lot bus accident news reported in tv especially in Taiwan news channel(astro 317) One year bila-bila got few case like that. In India..atu lagi not need to say one lah...
But actually those accident I think it still can prevent one.. it just that the passenger dare or not dare to walk to the front and tell that Michael Schumacher Bus Driver tell him to slow down the speed. Dare dare tell him that 
"Drive so fast for what.... You want to die you go die alone.... don't bring us to follow you"  
I'm sure the bus driver sure slow down one, if still refuse to do so. Sue him that he try to Murder you all everyone in the bus!!!
Ah... see still want to play play drive fast fast or not lagi lah!!!