Happy One Month Old

Yap..... Yesterday is my second baby Eva Lim one month old birthday. Sorry ya.... no invite you people to come my house makan-makan. I also didn't invite many people just my family and my wife side relative. My friends I just invited 5 peoples saja.... Don't ask me why so little people invited, If I really want to call.... Walaueh the whole kampong house also not enough to sit for my friends ah.... don't play play.
Anyway if is not because of my 2nd daughter's one month old birthday I think I also not here in Brunei. I suppose to have a job at Thailand Phuket there for operating a big show there. But ngam-ngam my daughter's full moon so I cannot go. Sign...... T.T
Of coz family come first, Phuket anytime also can go one, daughter's full moon only one life one time so must stay!!!

Ok.. so this is my weekend party lah, hang around at home with family and friends eat-eat talk-talk until mid night. Luckily I didn't order much food coz I know some people cannot attend or come late due to also got "OTHER" people wedding, company annual dinner and birthday party and the end of the day left a lot of foods.
Next time I want to put a list in Facebook's event. Please click Yes or No to attend my function and tick the foods you want to eat. Just like in aircraft one... You want to eat or don't want to eat... Up to you!!! As long as don't waste the food! If you want extra food please BYO!!! heheheheh
Of coz this is not going to work one lah... Just kidding nya. Foods still have to prepare it just more or less saja especially the "RED EGGs"

Chinese traditional from dulu-dulu already have this making red eggs during the birthday or a baby just born.
If you go ask a Chinese why birthday have to eat Red Egg sure many of "US" cannot answer correctly. Don't say what lah.... me also don't know why, until I found in google baru tau!!! Sure they say "Good Luck" loh... or "Don't know... last time people do that so we follow lah"
Follow is good.... but must know "why " lah right!! "Good Luck" is correct but not all...
Chinese asa Red saja... everything is for good luck one!!

So I went to search in Google why we chinese people birthday have to eat Red Eggs is because.....
Dulu-dule punya people where got email, Facebook or phone to sms telling people your baby had just born one kan. Some how that time not many people go school high high don't know how to read and write one! Why choose Egg??? Because Egg it symbolize is a New Life born!!!So once the baby born they send someone to deliver Red Eggs to the wife's family and let them know their daughter had just born a baby. So how to tell is a boy or a girl? If is a Boy then they send 6 to 8 eggs (must even number ) Each red egg the top must paint a black dot to symbolize is a BIG Day. If is a Girl, they send 7 or 9 red eggs (must odd number one) and no Black dot on top of the eggs. So once the Wife's family see the Red Eggs they know is what's going on over there liao. ( If is twins how? One Boy one Girl how to give? Even number or Odd number?? hahah) 

Of coz there is a lot of story why Chinese have to eat Red Eggs during birthday one lah and I just telling you one of the reason why saja. 
For more info about this Red Egg stories, English read Here, Chinese read Here.

Only the Lady Birds fly away.... the rest of the foods still left a lot!!