Cry For An E-Speed

I had no idea why this boy crying like that.. Just in front of me and is really loud... He maybe want some thing but not sure what.. Here is not the Toy'R'Us is the TelBru HQ. So impossible he want a toy here. The only thing I can think that he want a E-Speed to like I am.
But I want try him to want E-Speed. Cry for 3 days 3 night my mom also don't layang me!!
Boy always like that one... if want some thing but can't get it, the only way to get it is to CRY...
Cry as loud as you can, more ugly more better, hoping that your dad and mom soften their heart and get you what you want. But of coz this "Magic Words" doesn't works every time. Sure you got to face when the word say "NO" to you.

After I want recording this video and play for few times it remind me a youtube video about cantonese old auntie missed her flight at the Hong Kong international airport few years ago. Same thing.. she cry like die father die mother like that... rolling on the floor... jumping up and kana Gila Bayi one. Cry so hard last last and the end also cannot take the flight coz the plane already fly up up and away...
See.. malu kan!!! Human are really funny, childhood stuff sampai old still want to use at Old!!!
Is ok that you don't understand what the auntie say in the video... Just repeat and imagine she say this in the video...
Aiya....... The plane gone already ah....Ah.....woa....(cry) I don't want ah....... the plane gone already lah... (cry)...woa....ah..ah.. the Plane gone already lah!!!!!!