Christmas Dinner.... Got Turkey!!!

Wonderful+Reallyfull dinner I had last night! Eat until I had to open my pants button. Thanks for the dinner Bruther and you Turkey really awesome. 
Normally I have Christmas dinner with my old gang coz one of it are celebrate her birthday during X'mas eve every year. Sorry this year I can't attend coz I have 3 places to attend but too bad I only can go one place. Is not that I don't want to join them.. is because there is too many places got road block and I don't want to get into trouble. I just notice that my driving license just expire 3 days ago! I have to wait until tuesday baru can go land transport to renew a new one. Making one year one also same thing like making 3 years one license.. still always forgot to renew before expire.
Anyway... back to the Christmas dinner... we had presents exchange to each our by picking number. I got a big box full of colors pencil, ruler, sharpener etc... that's all for my anak one!
About the Turkey... of coz we can't finish lah.. lucky is just 8 kilo.. if 12 kilo one I think my bruther have to eat it until next year kali!
This is not finish yet.... Tomorrow afternoon I still have one more Chirstmas Lunch to go! Hopefully no more Turkey again!!!!