Car DVR HD Compare Without HD

This one is HD one....

Which one you prefer? HD one or just the normal one car digital video recorder? Of coz difference price difference feature lah. The HD image of coz is better than the normal one and also the price also higher than the normal one and also the lens angle are more wider than normal too. Above one is HD cost $270.00 and below is normal saja coz $150.00.
If you ask me which one is good, I say both also not bad, both also got both good. It just the matter what feature are you looking for. HD image more clear, wide angle, smaller. Normal one of coz is cheaper but also got something HD don't have... The Night Mode. But frankly speaking this Night mode using the Infrared don't impress me much. 
The sound recording Normal one is better than HD. Is louder and less noise than HD. And also to see and playback the video Normal one is better and faster the HD.
Normal one the screen is bigger than HD one. When Play the video in the computer... too bad Mac cannot support the HD and edit with the iMovie or Final Cut Pro. Need to use VLC or other software  codex to play with it. How do I edit it as you see below 2 video???? Aiya is a long story lah.. do this do that.. mix here and match then you see the 2 video together play sama-sama. But too bad got a little bit lagging when I edit it. Anyway is not a big deal... if play single video with your Mac or PC both also play very smooth especially the HD.So is up to you which one you prefer lah. 
 HD one is cost $270.00 and normal one is $150.00. If you are interested please contact Mr. Martin Tan 8771266.

This one is Normal one.....

See the video below. One the left side is HD, right side is normal one. As you can see HD image is nicer, shape, clear and wider then Normal one!!! 

During night time......mmmm see by yourself lah!!!