Brunika Instameet At Serasa Beach

I have a wonderful weekend especially with the new community Brunika kaki at the Serasa Beach.
Nice weather, people, foods and beach but to bad not clean!
Have to heard about this Brunika? Brunika is Brunei's official instagram community. This people are the one who behind it @Kurapak, @Wandirajali, @Amiranas and @Mriguana don't play play.... four of them also handsome one.. @Mriguana
If you are also one of the Instagram kaki like to take pictures and post in Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. Why not joining Brunika also? Sharing photos, information, skill and technic using iPhonecam!!!
If you are interested here are some of background and link of Brunika.
BrunikaFacebook, Instangram, Extragram and twitter not need I say you also know how to find lah right!!!
Brunei let's Brunika!!!!