Branded Recycle Bag

I don't get it, Why it call recycle bag but not grocery bag? Somehow the recycle bag is not make from a recycle material, it just that the bag is been using repeatedly every time when we doing our grocery saja!!! I think it called Grocery Bag is much more suitable.
Anyway Recycle Bag or Grocery Bag ka.... The most important is the message give to the community having a less usage of plastic bag saja lah. Like yesterday wasn't a weekend but I also brought my own bags to do my grocery at Maggis Mall with my wife. The good things is I'm not the only one who do that, some other people also having this good habit and doing the same thing. 
Then after that I got a question after we reached home and I ask my wife.
Does she feel Gambang if she using the "recycle bag" are special and unique than other people one?
Yes she does and me too! Why suddenly I have this kind of feeling? I thought that only woman have this show off Hang Bag habit, I can't believe that now I also have like but in the recycle bag!
I feel like I want to looking for the bag that is Branded and Famous one!
Frankly speaking I don't felt jealous that the guy here his bag is cool and bigger that my and some how is from oversea one and all the same. My is mix and match recycle bag that given by those company and shop and is free... all made by Aewon it was so not cool that all.
Omg... can't believe that use Recycle Bag also want to look for style milo no wander women are so cinta bags lah...
If one day I see LV's type recycle bag I'm sure I going to get one whole set. By the time you see me using that shop at HuaHo and Supasave... wah hahaha... I'm the King of
 Gaya, Mutul, Keunggulan!!!