Boon Pang Cinema

Bruther...... Check this out!!! Guess where is this!!! If you are 80's afters baby might a bit hard for you to know lah where la but for the before 80's babies sure know where is it!!!
This is at the Bandar where before the IBB bank was build. Boon Pang cinema was one of the major cinema at Bandar if I wasn't wrong that is the first cinema was build during that time. I don't know is it true or not lah coz I was heard from my kampong air's friends. I had heard a lot good stories in this Boon Pang from my Kg.Air friend how they having fun here. Fyi I never watch movie in this cinema coz mostly my time watching movie in cinema is at the Batu Satu Seri Complex there (which is also taken down) One of the famous thing in this Boon Pang is the Ice Cendol at 1st floor cafe. I never try but my friends always say that here the cendol is nice.
During my primary school time when my mother pick me from the school we always passing by here. I always wondering what are the black and red zigzag thing is mean what words! Until now I look back again still don't get it what does it mean!
One thing I like this place about Boon Pang is not the cinema....... Is the Pasar Malam behind the building. Yeah...... that's right.... I really like to go there with my mother and grandmother one!!!!
Every time when my grandmother want to buy fruits for praying she always came here and buy. So my mother have to drive her here and I always follow.
I still remember how the stall there look likes. The stalls are line up like a figure 7. That time their lights was not using generator to start up the lamp or fluorescent light like now, They are using the kerosene pressure lantern like THIS. Me and my sister always like to go there and buy the "Kacang Putih" and there is one stall selling the mini eggs, century egg in satay stick, in between the eggs got cucumber...
mmmmm..... if still have that I'm sure I want to eat until I puas puas.