Beach Bunch Sunday Picnic

Long time no go for picnic already... and last Sunday joining the Beach Bunch's member year end BBQ at Tungku Beach. Thing that we have to bring our own is your own plate, cup/glasses, spoon, fork and napkins!! Cool right like that... the reason is because we want to reduce of using plastic cup, plate etc and also doing this way can less littering the beach.... isn't that great.. Having a nice picnic with friends and families and at the same time also keep the beach clean and enjoyable!

Of coz you only nice and clean beach picture here... the actual scene is the place we picnic is full of rubbishes and plastic bottles. Thanks to my friend's wife clean it up for us before we start having a nice BBQ.  Can't wait to have another picnic with them but hoping that next time is really enjoy the beach in stead of cleaning it up!!!

I bring my favorite glasses to the picnic! The Mcdonald collection Coca-Cola glasses with filled Rinbina....yeah!!!