40 Day Too Late

So what... How do I know is expire already one. Me so thirsty and already drink almost half sudah baru I notice... So continue drink lah, btw the taste and gas also nothing wrong so just hamtam lah!!!
Seriously I never check cock see got expire one or not loh!!! Normally once open just put in the mouth and drink one never go look down and see one... I can say this is my first time and see and found this 40 days expired!!! Suddenly it remind me the Michael Leans To Rock one of their song "25 minutes too late" but my is 40 days ngam-ngam too late ah... Bruther!!! But still I finish the whole can!
Normally drinks I only check is Yakut, Yogurt or those got susu things lah... other than that I just Go saja one... Don't know is my luck day or bad day... Like that also can happen to me!!!
If you next time also have like this.... Don't worry just think that the Coke you drink is "Diet Coke" or "Zero Coke" lah...
I guess that's is how the real "One Year Old" Coke taste like!!!!