Totally Agree With That!!!

Betul betul one..... I totally agree that of what I had read the yesterday newspaper said some driver had kana balik retake the driving class/test bla bla bla bla.. In fact I had mentions this at my blog last year December 22th at the post "The Best Way To Use Roundabout
I totally agree this retake license test idea for those driver to committed to the road violations. 
Seriously people nowadays where got takut kana samam one.. $50.00 aiyo no sweat lah just pay money only mah no problem one lah and some people even dare to otang for years baru baya!!!
But if you say retake license.... walaueh Bruther that is wasting our time man... who don't have nightmare with sitting in the class with that!!! Time is money yo... if you tell them to balik sekolah for highway course people rather pay another 1k for the samam lagi bagus!
Seriously I totally agree this idea and should given to those people who "Inda Pandai Pakai Roundabout" one... Look at the photo on top one you also know what is the salah with the two car kan.
Some people Many people are always like that one... roundabout's accidents mostly is because of this kind or diver lah.
Please give this people have a "Prestige Retake Diving License Class"..... 5 Thumbs up!!!

p/s yayaya..... I know you gonna say I also the same one... taking picture with one hand on the steering one with my camera.FYI at least my car are stopped one!!!!