Sad News

Sad it not only the number but also to my friend's families.
 I was having a durian meal at my friend's house, suddenly his brother call him say lets go to Tutong and take a look coz his son kana car accident there. Less than 10 minutes his brother came to pick him up and go. When I balik rumah makan my dinner and I received a message from him. it say" My Bro kid passed away at hospital". My mind jam for few second, I don't know how to make the reply after I see the message. When I tell my wife and sister about the story they both also "Ah....." at the first place!
I let my wife do the reply and I continue the story to them.
 Then today I saw the newspaper my friend's nephew is the 39th who die in the road accident this year. 
First thing in my mind is I hope he is the last one who die this year. Please everyone drive safely. Especially for those youngster who like to drive fast... Think about the person who love you and your family if every time you want to drive Fast and Furious. Coz you might be the number 40th!!!