Pisa Thermos™

Both is a same Thermos but different side. bottom one you can see is a little but banding to the left. 

How come like that one??? I also don't know lah. It just that I baru notice it during the time my wife tahan hospital. My wife use it many times still didn't realize is like that one until I found out. Maybe is because I too boring liao to company my wife in hospital so I started to looking for things got interesting or not lo. As usual lah use my iPhone to taking picture and here are some thing we usually don't see it we not visiting Ripas.

 This worker really take his job seriously. Climb out the the building to clean the window. Salute him man... if my boss tell me to do like this no safety equip with I sure tell him to sleep lah. If fall down less than 5 minutes can reaching to the emergency room coz it just one block away saja.

A lot of thing in Ripas you can see they already outsource like their M&E, House Keeping and F&B. I just realize the foods are cooked by RBC one... but no way you can have something like that food in the picture lah... Wah friend you want Beef Steak ka??? In your dream lah.  
I wondering can side order the food in the picture one or not ho....

Got this already not bad liao loh... 

In the canteen I spotted this... 
Oi boss you think I Color Blind ka??? 
Putih Jua!!!!