"Oh" The World!!!

Jialat bah........ Everyday you see your friends in facebook giving macam-macam ada status in their wall. "I'm not Happy today", Good Morning Brunei, Eat Lunch now, My boss Suck, I buy this....., I do this....
Wah friend me sit in front my screen just like the god can see everyone what are they doing... awesome lah. But some how people already sharing what they do/feel if you not comment pun macam no good right.
But different status different comment also... so how to give so many comment kan.
Then suddenly my head pop out a word that it fit all the comments in FB stutus. Every simple and useful and also have many feeling and meaning...
So today I going to use just this word in the Facebook for the whole day. The word is "OH/喔"
Don't be surprise if you see me oh oh here...and oh oh there!!!! Today is my Oh Day!!!!
You aslo can Oh together with me today... let Oh your friends status today!!! I sure is very fun!! Oh!!!!