Mochi, Frozen Yogurt.

Hey Bruther..... Check this out. Mochi which serve frozen yogurt is open at the Airport Mall. Yesterday I went to try with their two flavor, Mix Yogurt and Original one. Both also nice but I prefer Mix one. I'm the kind person who like to eat sour stuff so this is I can take but not too much lah coz my stomach cannot take too much cold thing especially got milk punya barang... if take took much sure got toilet bomb Hiroshima one!!!
Anyway their frozen yogurt is not added sugar and is all fresh but I not sure is it suitable for diabetes patients can eat or not lah... this one better go ask doctor or the @hpcbrunei.
You also can put other topping on your yogurt, they have cold topping and dry topping. I like they Mochi and Bubbles one, every bite make me want to bite them more!
Fyi they have 15% off from now till the end of December so go get your own cup Bruther!!!