The Lost And Found

So far this 5 missing amah is the most pretty one amah missing case I ever see in the paper...  Mostly I see in the paper one either is no "cukup makan" face or "I otang her money" face one. But yesterday you see the paper this 5 missing workers face is all " I lap you" face... so sweet one and how come can still runaway??? Especially the Aprille Jan Chan 28 year old look like those beauty contestant one... Where is she now oh? I wonder each "Agency" keeping them.......mmmm suspicious!!!! 
I try using Facebook to looking for this 5 workers but no one of them face look alike. Either they all never have a facebook account or they use fake name lah. 
Then from here suddenly I have an idea. What if the facebook come with an Apps that we can use a photo to post in facebook. then their facebook super power computer can auto scan the face a look for whoever look alike the person that we want to look for isn't it awesome???
Oi...... Mark Zuckerberg do it lah!!!