iPhone's Maps Apps Working Already!!!

From my house to The Mall

Hey readers...... check this out!!! The iPhone Maps is working now!!! Not bad leh.... it can show me the route from one place to anther now!
I not sure when it started one but the last few months I try it only can show me the map but cannot give you the route. Just now I boring-boring went to play it see how, I type The Mall and it show me the route from my house to The Mall (as above)... awesome!!! It show me 3 way to reach my destination lagi lah.... steady right!
Then I try it again type Supasave it also works!!! But when I try The Empire Hotel & Country Club is bring me to the Kampong Air!!! LOL....
So I try other feature the drop pin also no problem.. I try drop pin at the Airport just a few seconds it show me the way too.
But of coz not all the feature work lah like the public Bus it cannot show you the routes... maybe our purple bus haven't link to their system kali!!! 
So guys go try with your iPhone see can work or not lah!! have fun!

My house to Supasave

Use the Drop Pin to give me the route to Airport!!!