Indonesia Sea Games Opening

How is the opening??? One word..... "Malu" eh!!!!!
The highlight of the opening is the torch light up the tower one. Susi Sunsanti holding a "Spear Torch " flying from the boat to the tower. When the moment she want to fire the tower the time you can see in the TV the spear touch kana sangkut by her wire which holding her and the spear drop down to the ground. But of coz the flame tower still fire even the spear haven't reach to the ground lah.
I see many times Sea Games Opening and this is the worst one.... As I say loh.. Malu eh!!!
The show cock up not only one time but 3 times. first is the wireless mic not functioning during the speech when an aunty and uncle saying something. second is no follow spot to spot on the Indonesia President when he talk talk on the podium, 3rd is the Susi Sunsanti drop her torch.
Don't worry this one never mind lah.... all this can blame to the weather coz halfway in the show the sky started rain. all the people are wet beside the VIP people.
If I'm the sound man of this opening I also Malu eh... Mic pun boleh mati!! 
After the opening can tapao balik kampong and tanam jagung sudah loh!!!