I Never Like Range Rover

But this Evogue really awesome and make me put her in my top dream car list now. Can't believe I fall in love at the first sight when I saw her in BB newspaper. Straight away I search the in Youtube which is the BBC Top Gear giving a review....apa lagi I tarus wet bah!!!  White color one already nice but red one lagi hot... If I got money sure buy a red one.. feel like riding a "Woman In Red"
Today I called my brother in law company me to see it at QAF. From far I already saw her nice big sexy ass parked at the car park. Too bad is not the white or red, but this grey one also not bad too. Seriously not only the design look cool but also the gadget and technology  also awesome. 2 things really cool of this car which I like, the pop up rotary gear knob and the surround camera system(add another $4k plus)
Where can I get a $113k... any one can charity me!!! hahaha... but anyway if I buy now also have to wait until next year March or April baru have the car. Oh god I really like this car lah.... Jialat tonight cannot sleep liao sure still thinking the power how I feel inside the car during the test drive.
160 km sub sub water to reach man!!! This 2.2cc turbo diesel's power more than enough for me to use daily in Brunei road liao lah... 0-100 bila-bila saja. I can feel that is powerful than the Mazda6 I drive now. See tonight to luck or not lah... if chun-chun got wind kana JP.. haiya buy 10 different colors also no sweat ah!!!

Hello... How You Doin!!!

Steve Jobs last words... "Oh Wow.... Oh Wow...Oh Wow...."

Dynamic mode turn red.

Other mode is white one...

Macam Transformer's eye lah.... Nice!!! btw is LED one

Don't play play 20" ah.. rims ah you think what ah!!!!

Is keyless... press the start/stop button and the gear knob automatic pop up liao...

You sure gonna love the original sound system in this car.