I Alive But Still Pain With My Throat

Jialat eh.... The past 3 days me like a zombie look. Not the look same like zombie even the way I walk also same-same especially mid-night have to walk to toilet to wee-wee. Pain here pain there and the body heat nearly 40'C. Now temperature back to normal but still having sore throat. 
Thanks for all my friends and reader greeting. You guys are so nice... sorry now bara say Thank you balik to you people. Now me feel better and tomorrow I can fly again liao.
Tomorrow morning I'm going to Lumut visiting the "Sehat" together with the Beach Bunch kaki...
Last trip I already missed to joined them visit "Brunei Cements" due to my 2nd baby check out so this time I sick sick also have to go. 
So hopefully go more story to tell you all in my blog lah.. I know this few week I miss out a lot of things here. But don't worry lah this is just temporally saja lah.

Oh ya.... I want to share one more thing here to you all bruthers. I saw this video in Youtube and I lol 3 times with my tears fall. Is really funny with the lady face. I was still having a bit sick when I watching this but after I laugh so hard it make me feeling better a lot. Is true.. laugh real hard not only make us happy and can make you temporally forget you are sick at the moment. Is you sick or not happy I suggest you die die must watch this video one time.... you sure lol one!!! hahah
Not need to understand what is she talking about, just concentrate look at her face during the fall.