Go Tamu Buy Kuih

Today I really got mood to go Tamu and look for the Kuih there. I almost more than 10 years didn't go Tamu liao... Last time me at least one month got 2 times going there because I have to be the driver and sent my grandmother to shopping there. After my grandmother pass away me put never think that want to come here sudah. Coz Friday and Sunday early in the morning is the best to come here buy stuff and you really have to come early like 7 to 7.30am like that.. If not you can't find any car park.
So early in the morning I ask my mother to company me go tamu and we parked our car at Kg Kianggi there and walk 3 minute to the Tamu.
Long time no come here and the place also go little different already. More neat, systematic and clean and also a lot of macam-macam things to selling there. From foods to household, From Pets to Wildlife animal macam-macam ada got selling there. I even went to Miri, Limbang, Kuching and Sabah's Tamu I notice our one is the best and clean. True true one... I no olo here. You go see then you know what I mean. Too bad I not bringing my DSLR if not sure I can shot a lot nice picture there. 
I want to come back again next time.

People mountain People sea!!!

Rabbit, Cock, Chix Mouse...... macam-macam ada here!!!

Wah.... Sang Kancil also have!!! Don't Play Play!!!!

Baby Chicken, Turtle and Eel also have... what else you want more??

No doubt our Tamu is a good place to bring your Kids to visit see see look look here!!! 

This is my favorite part "The Kuih Section" 

Once I come here... This one $1.00, that one $1.00..... Buy until I puas puas!!!

Uncle Lee..... "Yu Za Kuih" $2.00 please!!!!

Oh.... oh..... I found my Cinta!!! Jaring!!!! but too bad I don't know how to cook only know how to eat!!!

Ah...Buy this one better... Cooked and got free ubi too!!!

A nice and wonderful breakfast we have today for the whole family!!! Ohwsome!!!!

Oh...... Baby..... come to Daddy!!!! Yum Yum!!!