Fit Fit No Run Water!!!!

I went to Sin Hup Huat and check out their 3 Days Crazy Rims Sale today!
Frankly speaking... I don't how to choose which one I like... Coz every rims are huge and cool.
Is hard to make a decision to choose which one really looks good and suit for the car. The best way is asking their staff and if you some idea and advise. Not necessary say Big is every thing. Rims nowadays also like a fashion to your car. Talk about shapes, colors, designs, angles and weight.
I took a new Chevrolet Orlando went to try some new rims, a nice sweet lady staff explain to me of their rims and telling me a lot of rims stuff that I don't even know and heard about it.
Last last I try a black Lenso 20'' inch on the Orlando. Guess what..... It fit perfectly. I can't believe that it fit just nice and look like original. From an original 16" inch can fit a 20" and yet not coming out a single inch. That's is really awesome lah Bruther!!!
Their 3 Days Crazy Sale is start from today, Give your car a try over there you might found something suitable for your lovely car!

Bruther.... hard to make your decision? 

You won't believe that this 20'' inch rims cost less than $680.00. Hey bruther.... where you can find that cheap oh????

This is the rim I try on the Orlando.... Nice or not??

Original side is 16"

And now you look at this 20" inch.... Do you see the different???? 
 Holy Mamamia!!!!!

As Hockkian people say.... "Sui Sui Bo Zhao Zui"= "Beautiful-beautiful No Run Water"!!!!

See also wet....... Fit perfectly not even come out a half inch!!!!