Eve And Eva

Finally my elder daughter Eve meet her sister Eva and tonight they both can sleep together. For the pass 2 day Eve every night looking for her mother... she always ask me "Mammy le??? Mammy le..... I want mammy oh.....! For a man who haven't be a father you never understand how does it feel. Is like you want to lie on an angel but you don't dare. Every night I keep my promise to bring her see mummy and sister which I did... but the problem and still have tipu her go back home eat and sleep. 
Today she not need to suffering missing her mummy coz both discharge and back home which mean that my Nightmare is begin. Every night ( 2-3 months) 2 hour have to feeding my baby. I have once this life before which is 2 year ago... lucky I not need to work early in the morning like you people if not I really Jialat!! I can start have my night life.. every night face on the Macbook until dawn, I can make milk and feeding her and let my wife resting... then morning pass to my maid to take over.

Few years ago I love my Single/Bachelor life. I been having fun with that for many years. Until 3 years ago I push myself to another stage of my life. At first I don't understand how people can rise up their children. I have a period that is refuse to have kids. After I have my 1st Eve I realize it was that hard...
Now I have second one already and suddenly I feel that I can go another one....
Life wasn't that hard but it just we people always think it complicated saja. Once you reach there you know how to do it. When the first time I saw Eva in the labor room that is moment I felt that I'm a Real Father. Feed a baby is not so hard, hard is only you really want to teach them or not. I can do it I'm sure you people also can. 
For those dude still thinking thinking there one.... don't takut... dare dare do!!!