Eat My Way "Cucur Udang Campur Lasak"

Try this... I love their cucur udang and must eat together with their home made chili sauce. Don't play play it's really hot and spicy. I actually came here last month and wanted to post in my blog one but due to my baby stuff I totally forgot about it. until  today I see my photo baru I remember this.
This restaurant is located at Kg. Kiarong there not so hard to find one. It just right in front the Hokko saja. FYI this restaurant have change few times owner sudah, previous is malay food and then is cafe and now is chinese food. If my mother don't tell me I also don't know one. 

What good food they have over there? I say is their kuih loh.... but you have to come early one if not sure left not much one. So if you want to try their kuih I suggest go there 1pm-1.30pm like that.

One of my favorite is their Fried Tafu and Cucur Udang but that day I went the Tafu had finish already only left the cucur udang saja. So I another order my main course is their Laksa, I prefer call it as Curry Mee Hoon. Suddenly I got this idea what if I put this two things and together and eat and wondering how it taste....
 So I mix this both together and eat and I found out it wasn't that bad.... In fact I found that is a new way to eat and it should be eaten like this... hahahah 
Ya I know it sound weird but if no try how to know good or not right!!! Remember don't forget to put their home made chili inside together also.... Nyaman tu!!!