Beach Bunch Visiting Sehat

After so many year drink this water, finally I got chance to step inside the factory and see see look look how the "Sehat" water was made. Wa don't play play man.... inside really nice to visit. I see and learn a lot of things today... As old people say one "Eat Till Old, Learn Till Die"

Tell you true true one lah... I'm not interested know the "Water" form. I more wanted to know and see how the "Plastic Bottles Born" saja! A small small little tinny thing mix mix this and mix mix that plus heat and blow just a little while a plastic bottle born, just less than few minutes and it can live longer than a human.  

Me not only learn but also try help help too. Tapao the water into the box work less then 5 minutes....... walan eh... hot and sweating like pig liao. But anyway is really fun also lah. Every time 4 bottles 4 bottles put into box, see easy but do the time like baby learn how to walk.. Jam Jam here and Jam Jam there!!
Lucky me die die also wake to visit here if not I also don't know where go another chance to see all this thing here. Really siok ma!!! So what is next? Solar Power or Brunei Shell?? If can visit my factory lagi best of the best best best best lah......hahahahaha!!!!

This is the where the plastic bottle come from!!!

The plastic bottle machine  
Just less than 10 second dozen of PB born in here!!! Awesome!!!!

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