5 am Making Susu....

Good Morning Brunei.....
This is what I see now everyday in front my table during the dawn. Every 2 hours wake up to making milk for my baby... Some time I really feel like "Can I mix the milk in my dream?" ya that one only can happen in my dream. Once I delay for 5 second you can hear my daughter cry more louder... last last mau ka inda pun have to wake to mixing the milk.
The hardest time is at 5 am.... wah siok siok nyaman tidur already and suddenly in my dream I hear my baby cry Jialat...... But once I see her beautiful face any thing also worth it, as long as she don't suddenly tell me... Oi your susu inda nyaman lah!!! 

I know that I nothing much posting stuff in my blog recently. What to do.... baby comes first, blog comes second. Like yesterday making her birth certificate also sibok running up and down in the immigration. mau ani lah..atu lah.. photocopy this and that. after that in the immigration and I have to go Kiarong clinic to report my baby born, nurses came to house to checking baby....etc
Fyi 3 days in the roll my dinner is Nasi Lemak face also soon look like Si Katok one day ... Hopeful this can be over soon and I can have my old life back,