Can't SMS With Your iPhone 4S?

Do you have a problem with your iPhone 4S sending messaging? One of my buddy he called me asked me why his new iPhone 4S cannot sending SMS. Tell you true true one... I'm not a Apple's wiki but I do my best to know why and solve the problem of it. I looking in the net also can't find if until my friend he show me this note on the top. Just sharing this info to you guys if next time you or your friends having the same problem like my buddy do!!!!

Sad News

Sad it not only the number but also to my friend's families.
 I was having a durian meal at my friend's house, suddenly his brother call him say lets go to Tutong and take a look coz his son kana car accident there. Less than 10 minutes his brother came to pick him up and go. When I balik rumah makan my dinner and I received a message from him. it say" My Bro kid passed away at hospital". My mind jam for few second, I don't know how to make the reply after I see the message. When I tell my wife and sister about the story they both also "Ah....." at the first place!
I let my wife do the reply and I continue the story to them.
 Then today I saw the newspaper my friend's nephew is the 39th who die in the road accident this year. 
First thing in my mind is I hope he is the last one who die this year. Please everyone drive safely. Especially for those youngster who like to drive fast... Think about the person who love you and your family if every time you want to drive Fast and Furious. Coz you might be the number 40th!!!

The Only One?

Me long time no eat A.Ayam already then today my mood come wanna have some bite with their chicken. Then today I go looking around for this and I baru notice that they only have it at Bengkurong Masin. Now I have to drive 20 minutes from my home to there and tapau. Back to few years ago their are like every way also got. 
If compare with the Ayamku, their A.Ayam also not bad one but I don't know why now they one have one outlet at Bengkurong. Sayang lah... Anyway one better then nothing lah, now if next time I want to eat just drive far far loh... What to do!!!

World Aids Day Charity Duathlon

Mochi, Frozen Yogurt.

Hey Bruther..... Check this out. Mochi which serve frozen yogurt is open at the Airport Mall. Yesterday I went to try with their two flavor, Mix Yogurt and Original one. Both also nice but I prefer Mix one. I'm the kind person who like to eat sour stuff so this is I can take but not too much lah coz my stomach cannot take too much cold thing especially got milk punya barang... if take took much sure got toilet bomb Hiroshima one!!!
Anyway their frozen yogurt is not added sugar and is all fresh but I not sure is it suitable for diabetes patients can eat or not lah... this one better go ask doctor or the @hpcbrunei.
You also can put other topping on your yogurt, they have cold topping and dry topping. I like they Mochi and Bubbles one, every bite make me want to bite them more!
Fyi they have 15% off from now till the end of December so go get your own cup Bruther!!!

Seria KB Where Got NK And AP???

Early in the morning when I thinking what to have for my breakfast suddenly I have this question. Seria and KB where can find a nice and delicious Nasi Ayam Penyet and Nasi Katok. We only know that Seria and KB are famous with the Rojak, Kolomee and Fried Kuih Tiao. I never see people introduce or post in FB talking about this. In my mind set is like Seria and KB don't have this 2 dishes one.
I hope that my mind set is wrong.... Please KBian and Serian let me know if you tau where got good good NK and AP please let me know. Put your comment on the chat box, if you malas to sign up you also can comment at my facebook HERE. Thanks!!!

Fit Fit No Run Water!!!!

I went to Sin Hup Huat and check out their 3 Days Crazy Rims Sale today!
Frankly speaking... I don't how to choose which one I like... Coz every rims are huge and cool.
Is hard to make a decision to choose which one really looks good and suit for the car. The best way is asking their staff and if you some idea and advise. Not necessary say Big is every thing. Rims nowadays also like a fashion to your car. Talk about shapes, colors, designs, angles and weight.
I took a new Chevrolet Orlando went to try some new rims, a nice sweet lady staff explain to me of their rims and telling me a lot of rims stuff that I don't even know and heard about it.
Last last I try a black Lenso 20'' inch on the Orlando. Guess what..... It fit perfectly. I can't believe that it fit just nice and look like original. From an original 16" inch can fit a 20" and yet not coming out a single inch. That's is really awesome lah Bruther!!!
Their 3 Days Crazy Sale is start from today, Give your car a try over there you might found something suitable for your lovely car!

Bruther.... hard to make your decision? 

You won't believe that this 20'' inch rims cost less than $680.00. Hey bruther.... where you can find that cheap oh????

This is the rim I try on the Orlando.... Nice or not??

Original side is 16"

And now you look at this 20" inch.... Do you see the different???? 
 Holy Mamamia!!!!!

As Hockkian people say.... "Sui Sui Bo Zhao Zui"= "Beautiful-beautiful No Run Water"!!!!

See also wet....... Fit perfectly not even come out a half inch!!!!

Go Tamu Buy Kuih

Today I really got mood to go Tamu and look for the Kuih there. I almost more than 10 years didn't go Tamu liao... Last time me at least one month got 2 times going there because I have to be the driver and sent my grandmother to shopping there. After my grandmother pass away me put never think that want to come here sudah. Coz Friday and Sunday early in the morning is the best to come here buy stuff and you really have to come early like 7 to 7.30am like that.. If not you can't find any car park.
So early in the morning I ask my mother to company me go tamu and we parked our car at Kg Kianggi there and walk 3 minute to the Tamu.
Long time no come here and the place also go little different already. More neat, systematic and clean and also a lot of macam-macam things to selling there. From foods to household, From Pets to Wildlife animal macam-macam ada got selling there. I even went to Miri, Limbang, Kuching and Sabah's Tamu I notice our one is the best and clean. True true one... I no olo here. You go see then you know what I mean. Too bad I not bringing my DSLR if not sure I can shot a lot nice picture there. 
I want to come back again next time.

People mountain People sea!!!

Rabbit, Cock, Chix Mouse...... macam-macam ada here!!!

Wah.... Sang Kancil also have!!! Don't Play Play!!!!

Baby Chicken, Turtle and Eel also have... what else you want more??

No doubt our Tamu is a good place to bring your Kids to visit see see look look here!!! 

This is my favorite part "The Kuih Section" 

Once I come here... This one $1.00, that one $1.00..... Buy until I puas puas!!!

Uncle Lee..... "Yu Za Kuih" $2.00 please!!!!

Oh.... oh..... I found my Cinta!!! Jaring!!!! but too bad I don't know how to cook only know how to eat!!!

Ah...Buy this one better... Cooked and got free ubi too!!!

A nice and wonderful breakfast we have today for the whole family!!! Ohwsome!!!!

Oh...... Baby..... come to Daddy!!!! Yum Yum!!!

"Oh" My Day!!!

Hahahah..... this is really "Ohwsome"!!! I "Oh" people status in facebook 675 time with in 14 hours. 
Oh my god.... many people found that my "Oh" project sound "Ohnoying" to them but still "Ohviously" still got people like that Oh lot and sharing their "Ohinion" in their facebook too.
Anyway.... this "Oh" project "Ohready" over... so you not need to worry that I'm going to "Oh" you there.
"Ohnesly" I found this "Oh" is really useful...It can fit and suitable for any kind of reply your friend's comments or status in their facebook. Not need to sakit kelapa and thing what to reply... just "Oh" back them saja!!   
The "Oh" can have many meaning and expression. Different "Oh" different meaning...
Long "Oh", Short "Oh", Big "Oh" Small "Oh", Single "Oh" or Double "Oh" also have their own meaning....
Is really "Ohwsome!!!!" Go try it yourself and Oh Oh lah!!!

"Oh" The World!!!

Jialat bah........ Everyday you see your friends in facebook giving macam-macam ada status in their wall. "I'm not Happy today", Good Morning Brunei, Eat Lunch now, My boss Suck, I buy this....., I do this....
Wah friend me sit in front my screen just like the god can see everyone what are they doing... awesome lah. But some how people already sharing what they do/feel if you not comment pun macam no good right.
But different status different comment also... so how to give so many comment kan.
Then suddenly my head pop out a word that it fit all the comments in FB stutus. Every simple and useful and also have many feeling and meaning...
So today I going to use just this word in the Facebook for the whole day. The word is "OH/喔"
Don't be surprise if you see me oh oh here...and oh oh there!!!! Today is my Oh Day!!!!
You aslo can Oh together with me today... let Oh your friends status today!!! I sure is very fun!! Oh!!!!  

Only 4 Is Good

Baru open, Keep in room temperature, expire date on 2018 but why still only 4 are in good condition and the rest semua low batt one? 
Apa lagi you thing I just keep my mouth shut? I tarus bring back to the kedai runcit and tell the boss to change the new one for me. If is only one or two pieces never mind lah... but this one I bought one more than half is low batt one sure I want to fight for my right lah!!! Some time if we diam diam rugi one is we sendiri saja!
I been using this brand for many year already and this is my first time I kana like this. If you also have a same problem like my please bring back and change the new one.
Thanks to the boss let me change a new pack.....

Awesome, My Video See In Taiwan's News

Yeah....... hahahaha I knew it this day will come. Finally today I saw my video " Auntie Parking Fail" had been use by one of the Taiwan News. Zhong Tian News using my video as part of their news about the Singapore government promoting a "Speak Well English Campaign"
They thought that me and this video is from Singapore one... hahahah. Me doesn't matter it lah as long as now I Siok and Happy see my video in their new sudah!!!  

Eat My Way "Cucur Udang Campur Lasak"

Try this... I love their cucur udang and must eat together with their home made chili sauce. Don't play play it's really hot and spicy. I actually came here last month and wanted to post in my blog one but due to my baby stuff I totally forgot about it. until  today I see my photo baru I remember this.
This restaurant is located at Kg. Kiarong there not so hard to find one. It just right in front the Hokko saja. FYI this restaurant have change few times owner sudah, previous is malay food and then is cafe and now is chinese food. If my mother don't tell me I also don't know one. 

What good food they have over there? I say is their kuih loh.... but you have to come early one if not sure left not much one. So if you want to try their kuih I suggest go there 1pm-1.30pm like that.

One of my favorite is their Fried Tafu and Cucur Udang but that day I went the Tafu had finish already only left the cucur udang saja. So I another order my main course is their Laksa, I prefer call it as Curry Mee Hoon. Suddenly I got this idea what if I put this two things and together and eat and wondering how it taste....
 So I mix this both together and eat and I found out it wasn't that bad.... In fact I found that is a new way to eat and it should be eaten like this... hahahah 
Ya I know it sound weird but if no try how to know good or not right!!! Remember don't forget to put their home made chili inside together also.... Nyaman tu!!!

Congratulation To Justin & Fatin