The Worse Bystander Effect I Ever See

Have you ever watch a video clip recently posted and share in the FB regarding few days ago a little girl in China she kana hit and slowly drive over her body in a small street one? The driver ignore it and just go away. Then not only that... another truck also run over her legs also. The worst thing is there is 18 people walk pass and didn't give her a help and rather ignore the little girl. Last last an old lady went to help her. Then the moment she carry the little girl you can see the girl just like a book suddenly close up together.... So Kasian lah. 
I didn't saw the whole video clip coz I don't dare to watch it. And I know that I can't take it and handle my emotion. I have a little girl at home and her age just like the one in the video. As a father I am now if I'm the father I really cry till I blind... 
Again the video that old lady carry the little girl the time shout for help the time that little girl's mother baru come out... I wondering what the hell that the mother do at the moment.... Why she didn't beside her, If that time she was with her the little girl not need to die one ba...
The most Cilaka one is the 2 drivers and the 18 people who pass by and didn't stop for help.
I really feel like want to use bad words to shout out in my blog here man.
See.......all this people have kana by the Bystander Effect one. If you have this thing better aware man!!! Don't let this kind of thing to put in my head. See some thing not right and try to give other people hand, You may save a life one day!!!