What's Your Next of Kin Contact Number?

Yesterday evening around 6.30pm I on my way to Jerudong as usual to pick up my wife. When I passing the DST HQ I saw a man cycling bicycle. Biasa lah.... now everyday you can see many people cycling at the Highway it just like Bicycle vs Vehicle. No matter how many time we mention already that is very dangerous but still getting more and more people doing that. We cannot stop this people doing this coz I understand that it is fun. I have many friends also love bicycle one even my ex-boss also love too. He got a bicycle cost 13k and his garage's floor also ask people to do a man cycling a bicycle picture. Some people really crazy about it and it just like how I crazy about Apple. Too bad we here don't have road or path for bicycle user, some of them have to risk their life to battle with the car user in the highway. I really don't want to see any car accident with the bicycle user even thought it is happen before. So I know we can't change this issue at the moment but I have a good advise to the bicycle user especially the Lonely Ranger Rider... Please put any contact number of your family member around you or on the helmet, just in case people from behind accidentally hint on you and run away if you pengsan or what so ever people still can contact your family. True or Not???