What If Someone Have More Than Two?

Today I notice one thing and I just found out one.... The Facebook's relationship status. Facebook's relationship status got little bit not perfect! The marriage status only can put one wife! I know someone out there they have more the 1 wife just like my uncle in Tutong he got 4 wives and dozen of children. What if he and his wives got FB also and how to put this Relationship Status??? Facebook should come out another version for the Middle East there and I sure they need this additional wife number to update their status one...don't you think so?
And also if the status can be update also not bad like the add a "Broke Up" "Separated" and "Divorced". Some people sure got this experience one ma... like how many times you broke up, separated and divorced but of coz the "Widowed" one can remind the same lah.... hahah Jialat lah if show people how many wife/husband had already die..... hahaha!!!!