Steve Jobs Biography

Yea..... finally got it so tonight I got things to do liao. My friend help me to buy one still fresh and hot from the book store. Yesterday my friend went to the Miri Popular book store to look this for me but don't have Chinese version one but lucky today he went again and is just arrived. Lucky-lucky!!!
At first want to get a english one... but you know lah me no School High High punya... some time is hard for me to understand words with deep deep meaning so get chinese one is better and safe time to look for translate in google.
How much is there book? cheap lah less than 30 dollars Brunei saja. If you buy online lagi mahal.
I think this book going to sell like a hot cake. No read buy back home and keep it also worth.
Wondering when iTunes Book Store selling this oh.... If buying this book and can use the book serial number and upload from the iBook to iPad.... wao that is really cool. Light and easy to bring every way.
FYI this book is really thick and little heavy. If can use iPad to read it much better!!!

At lease buying this book is not like the iPhone or iPad when it baru-baru launch price has mark up up up and away by those mobile shop. If the local book store also do like them.... Die liao lah!!