Recondition Baby Cot

This project really took a lot my time away from my blogging time. At first I thought I can finish it in two days time. Mana tau I need two week to finish it and now I can spend some time to do my blog liao.
Actually I can finish it earlier one because the first time I paint it into white color one.... but after that I feel that it look too common so I redo it again. scrap out all the white paint, Sand paper the whole thing, Undercoat it all.  Paint the 1st coat and then 2nd coat. And now this is how it look now. Two tone color one. Next got time I want to make it look like the Hello Kitty theme.
I only spend less then 40 dollars to buy one liter white, pink and undercoat, 3 brushes, 5 pieces sand paper and a bottle of tina. Of coz my workmanship is expensive lah... but what to do.. this few days sekejap sunny day, sekejap raining day...never mind lah as long as my wife she happy then is enough lah.