Nasi Goreng Orang Kaya

Yes is true... this Fried Rice in Chinese is called "You Qian Ren Chao Fan有錢人炒飯" which mean "Rich Man Fried Rice" 
Why is call that? Maybe is because they are using good ingredient to fried it I guess. $12.00 for a fried rice yes there is a bit too expensive lah but for the ingredient like that still Ok lah. If you go Australia and  eat.. I tell you with this price you can only eat a normal fried rice saja.... don't gila gila.. it true one. 
Last week I went for lunch with my wife and we makan at the Gripps Cafe. I saw this fried rice in their menu and I order it and try. Try once in the life time is Ok one lah... If hari hari makan with this... Mati lah, Salary high high also cannot tahan lah right friend.
How it taste? mmm... Not bad I kinda like it but if the scallops and prawns can come with whole pieces will be better lo. Everything cut into cube size and I can't taste the texture of it... a bit sayang lah. 
If you also want to feel the Gaya, Mutu, Keunggulan like me.... Try it with this fried rice!!!  
$12.00 saja ma.... one set of Ben-Don price.... can afford one lah!!!
Maybe one day we will see one restaurant come out "Poor Man Fried Rice" by the time please let me know I'll be the 1st customer!!!