My Maid Birthday

My maid's birthday same-same together with the Taiwan's national day the double 10 celebration. Yesterday is the 10th of October we bringing her to makan at Pondok Sari Wangi coz she say she wanna eat Ayam Penyet wo. And after the dinner we still have a cutting cake and birthday song for her.
Nothing much to celebrate on her birthday but hope she happy with it lah.

When I was update my facebook about this some people comment that "wah.... so good ah to be your maid". 
I never think of that what so special of that! Isn't it just a simple thing we can do for the person who everyday taking care us and our children during their birthday?  Buy a cake and a dinner saja wat... not so hard one right!
But is true one lah...not all the Indon maid are lucky to work with a nice boss, just recently we sent our one of the maid to the Indonesia Embassy and saw a maid that she work with her employer for 16 months no salary. Jialat man.... now her want to balik kampong also no money!!!
Some time I really don't understand why got people can do like that one! If you don't like that maid so better don't hire them lah and why have to bring some one to your life and make your life hard kan..
Like some people hire an old Indon maid to work. Eh hello... old lady how to jaga your anak, masak, curi baju, besih sini-sana, dari pagi kerja sampai malam.... your mother also not tahan lah apa lagi orong tua ani!!!
Like me mah..... hire a young-young one not need to sakit kapala. If can hire a look like Luna Maya one lagi best!!! Don't know how to work never mind, see see also not bad wat!!!!!