Kana Censor Sudah.... Great!!!

Do you still remember the sign board that I mention last time that I saw when I went down to Miri one? (Check Here) Today I went to Miri again to pick up my sister in law and her anak at the airport and I pass by the sign board I saw someone kindly to censor the bad words... thanks to the anonymous. Think about it don't know when someone going to give the children draw them a face there....

Ok lah let chat about what happen today I visit Miri lah. 
If I go Miri now normally I'm not using the E Mart road one coz the road condition are really bad this day not like 10 years ago so smooth and fast. Now so many car using that road and always traffic jam. I prefer use the old road.... Just after the passing the bridge the 1st traffic lights go straight don't turn left.. That road is much better than the E mart one. faster and smooth lagi!!!
After few minute drive then don't know why got traffic jam today, lupah nya one of the warehouse kana fire. If I not wrong is the Harrison one.... Jialat lah the jam.      

Then after the jam I masuk the Miri notice the trees in the middle of the double line road one kana cut some.... Sayang lah. I like their tree there one. Maybe they want to built fly over so no choice have to cut some of them lo

Rest In Peace trees.....

On the way to airport road  I use the old road notice there is a new shopping mall is called Merdeka Mall Miri. Look like not bad oh... Next time I want to come here see how is it. I want to my wife don't always just go Parson, bolliwoon or  Miaoky.... like that ma.
This new mall look new but not so big loh..

I guess still got a lot empty shop in there....

Saw this banner at the Miri Airport arriver hall. Just share this to someone who might interested to make a visit.... 

Wait for almost an hour finally they came out.

On the way back to Bandar... Tapao Seria Kolomee for my anak.