iOS 5 is Better Than iPhone 4S

Disappointed right no iPhone 5 this year!!! Yet the iPhone 4S still look like a iPhone 4 only the some feature is different saja. As I say before in my Facebook I got a feeling the new iPhone is going to disappoint me.... Yeah I'm right... Luckily I didn't put so much high hope on this new iPhone.
Indeed the iOS 5 is much better that the iPhone 4S. I did guess it before Apple maybe gonna name their new iPhone as iPhone 4S not iPhone 5. So maybe next year is iPhone 4GS like the iPhone 3GS hahaha...
The whole night I was watching engadget to update the keynote and listen the 3 fellow talk about it live... Right after it Apple show the iPhone 4S I tarus go back to my bed... More info about the Apple gadget with the new iOS 5, iPhone 4S and iPod go there see see look look lah!!!
Yeah.... this year save money not need to buy iPhone liao so my iPhone 4 can use for another year!!!